The recent fiery political debates about coal fired power

1949 Australian coal strike

nationalnsw act1949 coal strike left public out in the coldSeventy years ago Australia was shivering through a harsh winter because of a coal strike, but while houses were cold the political climate was heating up

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It was the same 70 years ago today when Australia coal miners went on strike.

fake hermes belt vs real On June 26, 1949, miners met with the heads of the Joint Coal Board to see if they could negotiate some way fake hermes belt vs real

of avoiding strike action planned for June 27. But proposals submitted by the mining unions were rejected birkin inspired replica handbags and the strike was called.

It would bring much of the country to a standstill and push prime minister Ben Chifley into taking replica hermes bags vista extreme replica hermes mini bag steps to end the strike and to punish its ringleaders.

His actions damaged his reputation and led to a rout at the subsequent election.

The strike had its roots in World War II.

While young men were being sent to battle overseas, coal miners, along with other workers, were urged to go into battle to meet increased wartime production targets. There was a reviews sense that those who made sacrifices would be rewarded after the war ended.

Germany surrendered in May 1945, and in July prime minister John Curtin died, bringing Chifley to the office. The Japanese surrender in September finally brought the war to an end. But as the transition to peace unfolded and troops were demobilised, Chifley maintained many of the economic strictures of the war.

A power shortage notice sign greets employees at one of the large Sydney metal works in June 1949. Picture: Herald SunSource:News Corp Australia

Workers soon realised they would need to fight to get their rewards and they aaa replica birkin bag began to take strike action.

This resulted in reforms to annual leave and a removal of the wage freeze for metal workers in 1945 and 1946,

Hermes Replica Belt and in 1947 the Conciliation and Arbitration Court called birkin bag replica hbags for a 40 hour week. Hermes Replica Belt

But in hermes belt replica 1949, coal miners began pushing for a 35 hour week, long service leave and a

30 shilling a week pay rise. Although Chifley laid the blame for this action at the feet of the small but significant percentage of Communists within the Miners Federation, the claims had broad union support.


In June, see here when the miners feared their claims were about to be hermes blanket replica rejected by the Coal Industry Tribunal, which had been set up by Chifley government in 1946 to deal with disputes, they began holding stop work meetings.

The Joint Coal Board, also established by Chifley in 1946 to regulate and supervise the industry, more claimed the stop work meetings were illegal and withheld a draft proposal for a new award addressing some of the union claims.

Hermes Replica Bags Striking miners criticise PM Ben Chifley for using harsh laws and the army to break the strike. Picture: Australian National LibrarySource:Supplied Hermes Replica Bags

Last minute meetings failed to avert strike action, the unionists voting by a large majority to go on strike.

fake hermes belt women’s By the time the miners went out on strike shortages were already being felt and they subsequently became much worse. Electricity was rationed, so electric trains and trams could only run intermittent services, which affected industries that depended on commuters turning up on time. fake hermes belt women’s

Shipping was affected by wharfies being unable to make it to the docks because of disruptions to transport. Heavy industries reliant on coal also came to a standstill.

While some members of the public sympathised with the miners, the harsh winter, on top of all of the other replica hermes himalayan bag price inconveniences they were enduring at the time, soon turned many people hostile.

Labor politicians denounced the Communists and one even talked about rounding them up in concentration camps.

Incensed by what he felt was a betrayal by the coal workers for whom he had worked hard to reform the industry, but also believing the strike was a conspiracy by replica hermes luggage the Communist Party, Chifley passed the National Emergency Coal Strike Act. It outlawed strike pay and contributions to the cause of the strike.

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