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The 17th amendment also played a part in making the Senate what it is. Admittedly, your example is a lot more glaringly unequal, but having senators beholden to the same rough group of people that elect the house creates a weird imbalance where instead of doing the job the Senate was intended to do, the senators are really just trying to get re elected. Nobody really wants to give up their voice and right to choose their governors, but the whole idea of the Senate being resistant to change rather than a reactive partisan cesspool was lost with that amendment.

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And not every single issue you encounter in this world has two equally moral sides. Stalin probably had good reasons to send thousands to the gulags, doesn make it right.NATO and the EU are expanding because they offer a better prospect of development and security than the EAEU (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia).NATO has been on Russia border peacefully since the accession of the Baltic states. Here is a partially redacted CIA report from 1984 on then recent Soviet naval movements.

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Therefore, it is difficult to justify the additional cost.Product Features (4 out of 5)What Hot: Like other remote access solutions, GoToMyPC works by passing screen information from the host to the client, and mouse movement and keystroke information from the host to the client. It eats up more bandwidth to pass screen information in True Color, so to help ensure optimal performance over any connection, GoToMyPC enables you to adjust its display settings. The Performance slider (shown below) allows you to easily refine the display settings to match your needs and connection speed.When you run an application remotely, it’s actually run on the host computer as the client computer simply displays the host’s screen information.

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