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Ariadna Vendelová & Ariadnina Niť | PROFILE |

                 Ariadna Vendelova lives in Košice, Slovakia. She is an aerialist, choreographer, dancer and yoga teacher, focused mainly on aerial silks (fabric) and aerial hoop (cerceaux). She works, creates and performs at various events and productions together with her aerial dance companies LA LYRA & Ariadnina Niť, cooperating with dancers, musicians, theatrical groups, photographers…

           Her approach to movement in aerial arts is greatly influenced by yoga, dance improvisation and nature. In her aerial sessions she either likes to go into very clean technical practice which brings deep awareness, clarity and fluidity of movement, but she also very much enjoys to search for one´s authentic self, exploring natural ways of moving, and bringing dance and expression into aerial acrobatics. In movement, she works with concepts of spirals, waves, contractions and expansions, body opening, grounding, fluidity..

        Ariadna has been teaching regular classes and workshops of aerial dance and yoga for several years, sharing with fellow aerialists the passion for going deep into movement essentials and connecting with oneself though aerial dance. Her greatest inspiration in aerial arts has been the teaching and approach of Ana Prada.

        She was a finalist of U.S. Aerial Championships (NYC, USA) in 2016 (fabric), and placed 1st and 3rd at Aerial Acrobatics Championships in Budapest (Hungary) in 2016 (hoop, fabric).

        Ariadna is a co-founder and artistic manager of ´Orba´- women´s dance circle offering open dance-improvisation session for women to explore and cultivate feminine energy through the healing power of intuitive dance. She writes poetry, currently working on creating ´Moje More´- publication platform for poetry of women. She is also interested in health, raw living foods, lifestyle topics. She initiates various community activities which aim to support young people in the city of Košice to develop and maintain active, healthy and cultivated lifestyle habbits.

         Uniting all of these interests under the label ´Ariadnina Niť´ (Eng.: ´Ariadna´s Thread / Greek mythological term), Ariadna is searching for their interlinks and common denominators, finding art in everyday life and pointing to the creative potential in people through discovering the body as one´s primary and inherent artistic platform with limitless options for self-expression through movement. Her focus is on the process rather than the result, her approach to movement arts and self-development aims to be holistic and experiential, raw and intimate, natural and personal.   









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