Welcome dear yogi!


       Yoga practise offers beautiful opportunity for finding your center, mentally and physically. Yoga helps in opening up or closing up the body, awakening it, strengthening, and calming down. It pacifies the mind, supports your energetic potential, harmonizes bodily and energetic systems, and helps in finding clarity and fluidity of movement.

       Through exploring some yoga vinyasa sequences, I work on bringing awareness into movement in all of its phases, so that we create the harmony: fluidity of movement and fluidity of awareness. The focus is put not only on proper alignment and perception of yoga asanas, but also on the transitions between them.
We focus on proper, deep breathing. Breathing body is a living body. Through JIN yoga poses (longer, deep, calm, passive stays) in the second half of the class, we will give ourselves a gift of deep relaxation on the fascial level.

      Specifically for us, aerial artists, the body-mind-soul harmony and awareness acquired in yoga helps us to become grounded, centered and radiating performers capable of brining self-expression to every single mo(ve)ment.


Currently, in Košice I am only teaching yoga classes in Slovak. However, if you are interested in English-led yoga classes in Košice or would like a private yoga class in English, feel free to contact me through the Contact section in the main menu.




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